Come on Mother, Make Learning Math Fun for Your Little One

Mathematics is often a benchmark for children's intelligence at school, so this can make children feel scared or stressed. Moreover, some parents are competing to make their children good at mathematics from an early age. Though learning mathematics can still be done with fun. A study found that children who were told that they were smart in mathematics would be more likely to really master mathematics, regardless of whether they were truly capable or not. It is important to make children think positively first that they can work on math problems. Learn Math with Fun Toddlers aged 2-3 years may already be able to recognize numbers, but can not use it as a means of counting objects. At this age, Mother can start introducing counts in a fun way, such as counting foot steps. At the age of 3-4 years, children begin to understand the concept of numbers. While at the age of 4-6, he began to be able to associate the number of items with numbers, which means that they began to be ab
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